Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mobjack Bay to Horn Harbor

After three days of being cooped up in a confined space because of the weather I was ready to move. The bay on the East River I was staying in was very pretty though.........
It was so protected, it didn't really give me a clue about how windy and rough it would be when I tried going north on the Chesapeake Bay. The journey directly into the teeth of 20 knot winds and 5 foot waves kept my speed down to a miserable 3 knots, so I didn't go far and came in at Horn Harbor.
The anchorage here is an open road-stead so I tried out my new 45lb Manson Supreme anchor for the first time and so far the 20 knots of wind hasn't budged the boat. The real test of my anchoring technique will come when I try to pull it up along with 80 feet of chain, and I am expecting to use the full force of my manual windless. The weather is supposed to be more of the same here tomorrow so after finishing 2 really good books I am delving deep into my Kindle library.
Such a rough life.


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    1. Thanks Tate. Mobjack Bay was super picturesque, but with the Chesapeake I feel like I could easily spend a month gunkholing around and only touch the surface. I've left a whole lot for you to see when you come here!!!!! BTW I love your blog.


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