Monday, September 22, 2014

Provisioning - the four C's

Heading south to Florida, I decided that crew wouldn't be a bad idea and I met John at the westsail rendezvous who also owns a westsail 32 like mine and has agreed to come along. We decided to pull an overnight down to Reedville, a distance of 70 miles further south down the Chesapeake, and visited the local grocery store here in Herrington Harbor North. Now most of the time I try to eat good food like fruits, vegetables and salads, but when you have to be on deck, alert and focused, then the four C's kick in.
Caffeine. Too much is not good and if you have more than 4 cups of coffee/tea/sodas daily, you can get addicted and it's effect is diminished.
Cans. So quick and easy especially if they have a tear tab on the top. Push comes to shove, you can eat it cold, directly out of the can. Not good for long term because of all the salt and extra presevatives that are in them.
Chocolate. The comfort food of choice. When it is pouring with rain and you are soaked to the skin with bolts of lightning crashing all around then a little pickup will keep you sane.
C Vitamin. Easy to grab a bite to eat and the sugar is better for you compared to the white sugar in processed foods.


  1. Looks like great fun on board Onapua!

  2. We are having an absolute ball. Couldn't imagine anything better. Cheers. Peter


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