Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I love about cruising...

Today, I spent the best part of 5 hours banking a check!!!!!!!! Yes you heard it correctly; That little task that takes you 5 minutes to do and that you take for granted, takes on a life of it's own when cruising. First of all, my address is in Florida so the check got sent there. So you say, why didn't you have it scanned and deposit it online through an app on your iPhone or android device? My bank touts this functionality along with most banks these days but what they don't make obvious is that it is only available for small checks. Mine was a big check, so I had to visit a physical bank. I was actually very lucky in that my bank was relatively near at hand here in Annapolis. If I had been at my next destination in Herrington Harbor, I would have had to hire a car to visit the bank or endorse it and send it through the mail to the bank which would have taken forever. The other obvious thing would have been to have had the check directly deposited into my checking account, but because of security, the sender wanted to verify my address was real. Grrrrrrr! So what I did do was have the check overnighted to a Post Office here in Annapolis. The Post Office are up with the times these days and with a tracking number I could confirm that my package had arrived before setting out to pick it up. From there I walked to the bank to deposit it. I could have looked up the bus schedule but I decided all that exercise would do me good so I chose to walk instead. Now when I said "What I love about cruising" in my title today, that was not tongue in cheek. Being taken out of your comfort zone is not a bad thing. It was a gorgeous day and I had such a good time meeting a bunch of people that I would never have met otherwise. When you drive in an area, you really do not get as good a feel for it compared to walking. As an example I stopped in at an open air farmer's market and bought some local produce.
I am eating a peach now that is to die for and I stocked up on freshly harvested apples that are just coming into season. Autumn is just around the corner and for the first time I am noticing people wearing long pants and suits.

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