Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dismal Swamp State Park

As well as the canal, there is a state park here in the Dismal Swamp that boasts one of the best places for hiking and biking in North Carolina. I caught up with Jim early to go riding.
There are 22 miles of trails within the park mostly on gravel paths like this one.
I did manage to catch one of the many deer, grazing near the visitor center.
But if you do come here, you want to be on the look out for this bloke.
I was assured by the park ranger that they will run away from you if they see you. I took black bear photo in the visitor center where they have some excellent displays of the flora and fauna for the park.
There were 4 boats here last night with 2 going south and 1 other going north with me.
We all had a feast last night before the bugs got too bad.

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