Sunday, November 20, 2016


For those of you who are landlubbers, doing the laundry is a blip in your day. For cruisers, it takes all day and that is why many just wear the same T-shirt every day and wash it in the shower. Doing my laundry today involved rowing ashore, catching the ferry across to Gun Creek and then a taxi across to Leverick Bay. Fortunately after my yoga class, I managed to get a ride with my instructor, Jeenesh Banthia.
Jeenesh runs the very nice spa over here at Leverick Bay.
There is a very nice resort also here with a white sandy beach and a marina.
As for serendipity I met up with some Salty Dawg members at the bar and got a ride back in their dinghy.
Thanks so much Mike!
The Maltese Falcon came into Harbor yesterday morning and anchored not far from me. I understand that the masts can be rotated.
Last night they used one of the lower sails to watch a movie.

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