Thursday, November 3, 2016

Salty Dawg Rally Day 4

I have been sleeping in the quarter berth so far on this trip. Normally if the boat is rocking a lot, I will put a cushion on the sole and sleep there.

The wind lightened up considerably and started coming from my port stern quarter so I turned the engine on. I want to be as far SE away from tomorrow's storm.

I woke after an hour sleep and the wind had got back up so I switched the motor off and now I am making a healthy 5.5 knots. It is cold away from the GS.

Boat is making a steady 5 knots and when the boat is happy, I am happy. It is amazing how noisy the water is in the dark especially sitting in the cockpit.

I saw another ship, just the 2nd one on this voyage. I haven't read any books yet because I have been focusing on getting the boat working well but I will today.

So far today I have averaged 5.2 knots so I should have a healthy 130 mile day which will bring me up to near 400 miles for the first 3 days of the voyage.

Even though I have not felt seasick, I have not felt like eating after dark & I have to make an extra effort. You do seem to need very strong sea legs for this trip.

When I left VA I didn't change my clocks for daylight saving so now I am automatically on AST. It's not like I have to be anywhere at a certain time.

Just had a small squall come over the boat with wind on the nose and rain. Thank goodness I was awake.

Feeling nauseous so I ate yogurt and muesli. It could be to do with my sleep routine being out of whack.

Am motoring into a light ESE breeze. Have pulled the genoa off completely to sew it even though the guerilla tape held it just fine.

Am trying to prepare myself mentally for what is going to be coming tomorrow night and Saturday. The most important thing is safety. Making headway comes second.

Another small sparrow hitched a ride and tried to eat my mainsheet. I missed the cruiser's SSB net this morning because I fell asleep in the cockpit.

Been motoring all day into slight headwinds. Blue sky and hot. Definitely t-shirt and shorts weather. Been sleeping off and on most of the day to catch up.

I very rarely throw a lure overboard because it is too much to manage the boat and fish at the same time. Plus a fish is usually too much to eat.

I have a problem with my refrigerator stopping my Inreach satellite device from working. Not sure how to solve the problem.

I had my daily statutory ration of salad for lunch today and I am about to make zucchini, onion and mac and cheese for dinner.

A ship! A ship! I see another boat. Just the 3rd boat I have seen in 3 days. Hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare a boarding party! Wait, not in the Caribbean yet. Put the eye patch and stuffed parrot back in the cabin.

Just had a long chat with the ship nav officer and he said that he picked up my AIS signal from 10 miles away. He also said to expect 25 knot westerlies tomorrow.

I heard that the boats that left yesterday are having bad weather and 2 had to divert. I am counting my lucky stars with fabulous sailing conditions.

The chocolate rations are going well. One piece a day, sort of like the rum rations in the navy for morale. However, the odd piece may disappear like things do.

I actually ate dinner tonight in the formal dining room which meant I had to put on a new t-shirt & change out of the one that I have been wearing since Hampton.


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