Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Salty Dawg Rally Day 3

Having good sleep tonight unlike last night. I think that I am over the jittery nerves I had to begin with and now I am used to all the different noises.

Easterlies around 10 knots. Am motor sailing and making 5.5 knots. Am officially clear of the Gulf Stream.

Lots of shooting stars tonight. Beautiful starry night. Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered? It is so totally an exercise in imagination.

You would think that with all the boats in the ocean, that I would see at least some but for the last 24 hours, I haven't seen any.

A 6 inch vertical tear started to develop along a seam at the bottom of my genoa so had to drop it and repair it with some sail tape. Only time will tell if ok.

Banana, orange and yogurt with muesli for breakfast. I don't know why I am so hungry. Must be all the fresh air.

Well it turns out that my second day wasn't so bad after all with 110 miles. I thought that the Gulf Stream would slow me down a lot more.

I just transferred one of my 6 five gallon diesel jugs into the fuel tank using my new syphon hose. Much easier than using my Baja filter.

I have 1000 miles to go and I have already sailed 260 miles. if I get good winds like I have had it would be feasible to assume I could make it in 8 days.

My sail repair tape didn't hold the tear so I have resorted to using guerilla tape. Lots of it. I have another genoa if this one gives out.

Both my solar panels were caked in salt so I gave them a good clean. Because I do not have the motor running, I rely on them for my radio, autopilot and fridge.

Often safety on a boat is a matter of keeping your eyes open. The end of my autopilot was sticking out a little and when I looked closely it was about to fall off.

I think I was a bit overzealous in the fruits and vegetables provisioning department and so to help I had tomatoes, celery, carrots and an apple for lunch.

Except when I am down below in the cabin, I always wear my life jacket. If I go forward I also clip on to my jacklines.

Just had a very refreshing nap but got woken up by my AIS alarm from a ship 8 miles south of me.

I am trying to decide what to eat tonight. I've had enough of salads & have a hankering for some beans & rice and some brussel sprouts that I could roast. Mmmm!

I do not have any sailing qualifications and I admire those who do but it seems to me that studying for a sailing exam would take all the fun out of it.

One neat thing about this trip is that I have sailed all the way with a little motor sailing across the Gulf Stream. What cruisers never let on is how much they motor.

I have been having problems with Bluetooth connectivity between my satellite device and my smartphone and I think I have narrowed it down to the refrigerator.

I decided to trim my beard while I was cooking the brussel sprouts and nearly burnt them. You'd think I'd learn. Never ever leave a propane stove cooking. Grrr!

Just listened to the SDR SSB net on 8107 and heard a couple of boat reports from just north of me where they report little wind. I am getting NE at 10 knot.

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