Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Salty Dawg Rally Day 10

Well I still have good winds for sailing despite the fact that they were supposed to clock and moderate. I have averaged 5.5 knots for the last 70 miles.

I have several different places I can sleep on Onapua but the best one by far for motion is the quarter berth in the main cabin deep in the center of the boat.

I am always looking forward instead of enjoying the moment. Rather than thinking about the BVI I should be enjoying the sunshine, the wind and waves, nature.

Well another 130 mile day averaging 5.5 knots. All of my days have been 100+ days except for the one day motoring and the other day when I heaved to overnight.

One of the noises when I am sailing is the prop shaft spinning. As I approach hull speed at about 7.5 knots the vibrations tell me that I am going fast as possible.

I have been going full on with my fishing this morning. Different lures, all 3 lines out, baying to the moon…oh wait it's daylight…ok never luck.

Looking back over the voyage so far, it has been so steady and relaxing. The motion of the boat slicing through even rough water is so smooth it means that I have been able to get great night's sleep. The only time I felt a little queasy was when I was heaving to and that was because I was reading below.

I have no salads, plenty of fruit but am running low on vegetables. A cabbage keeps looking at me and a whole big pineapple that I don't know what to do with.

You wouldn't think that there would be one right out here, but I am fighting a 1 knot current. I have a log that measures the water speed & I can compare it to my GPS.

There has been no blue sky today so my solar panels have not replenished the batteries from overnight & right now it is raining. Sailing weather is not all good.

You fight for every half a knot when sailing so I don't like the idea of dragging fishing lures behind the boat slowing it down, especially diving lures.

I have asked my friend who's an official for the Salty Dawg rally to please arrange a parade for me when I arrive at the Bitter End town.

Some scary looking squalls downwind of me. Too boisterous to do any cooking tonight so it will be a cold can of soup and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

Had a full suite of sails up today & with 20 knots it made things interesting. I reefed at sunset & pulled my genoa down which was exciting to say the least.

I noticed 2 casualties of today's very fast ride. A snap shackle had parted ways on my leeward running backstay. Secondly, the turnbuckle on the bow whisker had disappeared. I will fix both of them in the light of dawn. Until then I will stay cosy and warm down below in my cabin while the tempest rages outside.

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