Friday, November 11, 2016

Salty Dawg Rally Day 12

This last 100 miles has really knocked the gloss off this voyage. Motoring into headwinds is like riding a bucking bronco and I just had a squall to deal with.

I have bruises all over my body from banging into things on this trip. My chin hurts, my left shoulder and in particular my hands from holding on so tightly.

I have heard some very good things about the Caribbean and in particular the Virgin Islands but I can't see myself doing this every year as many cruisers do.

I just raised my yellow flag on my starboard stay to signal that when anchored tonight, my boat is in quarantine until I can visit the customs, health & Immigration dept.

Land Ahoy! Even though I am 20 miles away, I can see a big hill peeking through the haze. Anagada is closer to me than Virgin Gourda, but all I can see is rocks.

Like this place already. Water has changed color from a deep blue to a green. Islands are all around, temperature is perfect & there is a nice breeze blowing.

I just had my first hot fresh water shower in 11 days and boy oh boy, did it ever feel good!!!!

Well I was met here in Virgin Gourda by a couple of dinghies, taken to a mooring and then to dinner and a pain killer. All the ground under me moves!

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