Thursday, November 10, 2016

Salty Dawg Rally Day 11

Woke up after a short while to find it raining with the wind clocking and lightening so I did what any modern sailor does these days...raise the iron Genny.

One of the first things I want to do when I get to the BVI's is to go for a run. The problem with being on a sailboat, is that you never get any exercise.

Nothing is certain yet but when I get to the BVI tomorrow, 25 rally boats will be there with 50 yet to arrive. Except for start & finish, I will not have seen 1 other boat.

Like me, I suspect that a lot of crew in the SDR are in it for the challenge. For me it was to show that you could take a small, old boat and cross an ocean.

List of things to do when I get to the BVIS. Give thanks. Call kids. Shower. Have a cold beer & celebrate. Shop 4 salads, yogurt, bananas. Get on the internet. SLEEP!

Easterlies, 12 knots, clear blue sky, doing 5.8 knots SOG (speed over ground) at 160 degrees true. Full suite of sails with autopilot & batteries fully charged.

This one bird that I don't recognize, has been flying off the stern of my boat all morning. It almost looks like a penguin and every now and then it rests.

Not catching fish continues. I'm justifying it by saying that I am here to fish, not to catch fish. Friends on another boat are hauling them in every day.

Beans, spinach and mashed potatoes with an apple for dinner.

I think I have finally found a solution to my Inreach satellite device crashing. Now I shut my smartphone app down after sending messages.

Now motoring directly into a 10 knot SE wind. Exactly the direction I want to go. Big squall to windward of me. I'm hoping that it will miss me.

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