Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Salty Dawg Rally Day 9

It's 3am and pitch black outside except for the twinkling stars. I feel the warm wind on my face and listen to the rushing water and thank God I am alive.

I shook a reef out of the main because the wind had moderated somewhat. I'm still doing 6 knots and aiming north of the BVI knowing that the wind will clock.

Broaching in a sailboat is an experience that is hard to forget. Careening down the face of a wave at full tilt with confidence is the reason I have a full keel.

After being a week at sea, everything has salt on it. The dodger sparkles with the crystallized NaCl and your hands constantly feel like they need washing.

Just 400 miles to go & with this wind moderating it probably means a Friday landfall. That will mean just an 11 day trip which in theory should have taken 14.

I'm mindful of the fact that today is election day in the USA and I pray that whoever wins, they make peace their top priority.

The wind is slowly moderating and I need to swap out my genoa for a larger one but every time I decide I will go get it, the wind pipes up.

I decided to get serious about fishing and put three lures out. A cedar plug & 2 squids but came up empty. I've always had good luck before sunset but no time for that.

Listening to Louis Armstrong sing 'You are so beautiful' while cooking courgettes, Lima beans, and quinoa with the last of my mangoes for dessert.

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