Saturday, November 26, 2016

Maintenance day

I was fortunate in winning a prize in a raffle of a PLB Fast find.
It is like an EPIRB in that if you press the button, for an emergency, it will automatically call the Coast Guard and come to your rescue. This one is small enough that I can wear it on my life jacket and unlike my EPIRB, it is registered to me and not the boat. Here's hoping that I will never need to use it.
I have reached 2000 hours on my engine and that triggered a reminder in my mind to change out my raw water impeller. You are supposed to swap it out every 1000 hours.
With my engine, a 3JH2E Yanmar, it is a serious problem to change it out. You first of all have to drop out the starter motor and then act like Houdini to pull out the old impeller.
I could not pull out the old one cleanly so I ended up by shredding it.
After 4 hours of sweat, grime and cursing I had it done and ran the engine for about 15 minutes. It still has a little steam coming out of the exhaust when I start it up but otherwise it seems to be ok for another 2000 hours.

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