Friday, February 3, 2017

Laborie, St Lucia

Laborie is about a 10 minute bus ride north west of Vieux Fort. It has a wonderful little downtown area next to a beautiful beach and get this......It even has a library.
Of course the church is front and center of every community here in St Lucia.
This one was gorgeous inside.
I stopped and had a delicious lunch and a drink for $10.
This is the center of town with a small market where you can buy locally produced fruits and vegetables.
Rents are around US$200 a month for a nice 2 bedroom place close to the beach and bars that sell the local "Piton" beer for $1. Whenever I discover these little gems I notice that Canadians holiday makers can be found stretching the value of their dollars and so it was here.
More than anywhere else that I have been in St Lucia so far, and I haven't been everywhere yet, I felt not just safe but actually welcome here. This place gets my thumbs up as the best place on St Lucia for a vacation .

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