Sunday, February 5, 2017


The 2 most important things that a cruiser needs to respect are the sun and the wind. The wind dictates where and when you can sail and that is why schedules, appointments and airline tickets are problematic when it comes to Cruising. As well, the wind when combined with the sun can have a harsh effect on your skin and yesterday, sailing from St Lucia to Martinique, I got badly sunburned on my face. So much so that I actually felt a little nauseous last night.

This is what I usually use to guard against sunburn.
Prevention though is so much better. Every so often, I get reminded to cover up through being burnt. Not a good way of learning a lesson I might add. I actually lost my hat overboard yesterday and rather than getting another one, I just carried on because the wind made the air feel cool. Big mistake.

Today I am not going to go anywhere despite the fact that I am dying to go and check Martinique out. It looks like a wonderful place especially here in the small village of St Anne. However, because of my sunburn, I am planning to recuperate, stay out of the sun and wind, drink lots of tea, read a good book and prepare for............ THE SUPERBOWL! Go Falcons!

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