Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rodney Bay and Gros Islet

Today I caught a bus up to the north side of the island to Rodney Bay and Gros Iset and wow, what a difference. Fedex, 2 lane roads, shopping malls and even traffic jams. I had found the affluent part of St Lucia.
Whereas all the locals down near Marigot Bay speak Patois, all the locals up in the north speak English. The houses are much nicer as well.
There is a huge marina in Rodney Bay that can accommodate 253 boats in slips.
And lots of marine stores nearby and a boat yard next to the marina.
There is a small community on the other side of Rodney Bay called Gros Islet, that is famous for it's Friday night Jump up party.
But it was definitely on the quiet side when I was there. Even the church was deserted.
One of the few stores that was open was a stand where Maria sold me one of these fried lentil fritters along with a golden sugar apple drink.

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