Friday, February 10, 2017

Martinique video

Today was a maintenance day for me. Of course it took me much longer than expected and just about all day to do 2 straight forward things that most landlubbers could do in half an hour. First, I changed the oil and filter on my engine which took me ages because I couldn't locate the plastic hose connecting the pump and the dipstick and had to improvise. You would think that in a small space such as a boat, you would be able to find things easily, but in fact the opposite is true. I have been looking for my Chromecast on the boat for the past 2 months.

The other long overdue task was my laundry. I had to row ashore, walk about 20 minutes to a hotel to find the"laverie." All would have been OK if it wasn't for the fact that nobody here speaks or even has an inclination to speak English and all the instructions in the laverie were in French. This is what I wanted right? To be out of my comfort zone. I actually met a kind lady that helped me navigate the washing machine instructions, so I'm the end it was a very positive experience. C'est la vie.

I put together some video clips of my visit here so far. I hope you enjoy.

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