Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Malendure Beach, Guadeloupe

The beach on the mainland of Guadeloupe opposite Pigeon Island is quite picturesque and it is full of dive shops and scuba rental places catering to the many tourists wanting to experience the Jacques Cousteau underwater park.
There is a wharf there so I visited there in the morning to get some wifi, dispose of my trash and fill up my water jug.
After doing some grocery shopping at the Carrefour nearby i went back out to Parrot island for more snorkeling and was again blown away by the multitude and diversity of fish. This time I deliberately left my camera behind because I wanted to experience nature without the element of technology. Taking photos is great in that it records memories but there is no device that can come even close to the real live experience. It is impossible to convey that experience in any video. Take a parrot fish for instance. You HAVE to see one up close to appreciate their beauty. They almost glow with a blue green florescence. For about 5 minutes I was mesmerized by a huge lobster, walking across the sea floor. Can you imagine what it is like swimming inches behind a turtle with a shell more beautiful than anything Leonardo da Vince could ever paint? I actually enjoy the gadget side of cruising because it gives me something to do other than just being there. But this "being there" is ultimately the reason why I do this. You just have to be reminded of it every now and then.

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