Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Toucari Bay, Dominica

Most of the time here in the Caribbean, the wind is out of the east, but every so often, a front will roll through and the winds will clock from the east to south, to west, north and then back to east again. Prince Rupert Bay where I am anchored is protected from all but the west wind and when a cold front came through yesterday, this Bay became an open roadstead with the west wind.  When the waves from deep water approach a shallow Bay, they become much larger and yesterday we had 6 footers for most of the day. There wasn't any sleeping to be had and when daylight rolled around, I joined three other boats for a walk to Toucari Bay about 2 miles from here.
We caught a taxi there and took shelter from an hour or two of rain at a restaurant on the beach called "Make it Real."
Rice and lentils which they call beans, fried plantains, salad, mahi-mahi and a rum punch is standard here in the islands.
It is a gorgeous Bay with lots of fruit trees and a fisherman mending his nets on the shore.
The beach was beautiful.
The walk back passed a great rock face.
A piece or two of candied ginger for dinner to help settle my stomach so I could sleep over night on the boat.

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