Monday, February 6, 2017

Should you break out of your comfort zone?

Last night I ended up watching the super bowl at a restaurant in Le Marin with friends on s/v Lord Charlton, Persistence and Yolo. We had a great time and I was so glad that I didn't stay on my boat and go to sleep early like I had planned. It was undoubtedly the best sport's game I had ever watched and even more so because of the friends that I could share it with. So this leads me to the question of whether you should live your life strictly according to norms and rules, or whether you should break out of your comfort zone. Thomas Edison said show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. Most of us have a daily routine in that we wake up, go to work/school, eat lunch, come home, watch TV and go to bed. We don't even have to think about what we do. Our actions are on autopilot. And yet what we strive so hard to accomplish daily doesn't satisfy us. Our thoughts are on ways to succeed and not be a failure. Take eating for instance. You know what you like to eat right? You try to pick foods that you enjoy eating. So this is what I ate last night.
The French eat completely differently to what I am used to. They served me an aperitif with my main dish and a beer with my dessert. Who does that? And l didn't recognize a lot of the food on my plate. Those 2 black things are Blood Puddings. Not like a sausage at all. They were squishy. And yet the meal was delicious.

How I lead my life these days is not for everyone. And there are days where I wish I was back in a comfortable 3 bedroom home in suburbia with a hot shower, a microwave, and a grocery store nearby. But you know what? Of all the things I have done in my life, this is way and above the best way to live. Cruising is the best.

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