Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Outboard 101

After buying my outboard I opened it's hood and looked inside.
I need to do an overhaul on it like replacing some of the nuts that have started to rust. It's not in too bad condition for being just over 2 years old but I need to stay ahead of the game when it comes down to maintaining it.
That white plastic cylinder in the middle of the photo is a very important filter that I need to replace and also get a spare for. I did get some spares from the previous owner, like an anode, spark plug, propeller and impeller.
The important thing for me was if I could get my dinghy up on a plane or not. My dinghy is rated for an outboard motor up to 6hp and I found that after gunning the 5hp engine to lift the boat out of the water, I could throttle back to cruise at speed.
OK. All well so far. Problem came when I tried to mount it on my stern. Lifting it by hand was OK because it only weighs 21kg but I didn't want to mount it on my boomkin because of the risk of putting too much stress on my rigging. The port side held my propane locker so that was a no-no. So the following is work in progress.
I tied it down as best I could but I need to fashion a proper mount to my gallows arch and I will need a good hardware store.
In the meantime I have decided to move on to Dominica. Hopefully I will be able to try out my new spinnaker. I am leaving Martinique, with a feeling that I have unfinished business here. I have really enjoyed my stay better than any other place so far but I only have 5 weeks and still 5 countries to visit before I have to be back in the BVI. Time and tide wait for no man.

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