Sunday, January 29, 2017

10 common Fruits of the Caribbean

While walking around St Lucia, there have been so many fruit trees growing that I decided that it would be interesting to catalog the main ones you see.

1. Banana called a fig here in St Lucia. Over 1000 varieties mainly the Cavendish but one that you have to cook, the plantain is on the right.

2. Mangoes. A juicy stone fruit originally from south asia.

3. Paw paw or papaya.
4. Coconut, green or yellow.
5. Guava, mainly made into juice.
6. Bread nut, similar to the bread fruit tree. Small brown seeds that you can boil in a large green seed pod.
7. Lemons. The variety here is lumpy compared to the smooth ones you see in the store.
8. Pineapple 
9. Pistachio. Not in season yet but just starting to flower.
10. Grapefruit. They grow like weeds here.

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