Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hunte's Garden

Today I set out to visit some caves and Hunte's Garden about 20km away from Bridgetown where my boat is anchored. I could have caught a bus but I needed the exercise so I biked instead.
The streets are seriously narrow here but I was too far into my journey to switch to public transportation.
 The center of the island is mainly grasslands.
The caves turned out to be a real tourist trap so I decided not to go in. On the other hand Anthony had a garden that he had single handedly accomplished nothing short of incredible.
I'm posting this next photo for my son who has a maiden hair fern.
The orchids here are amazing.
He plays classical music that wafts through the air while wandering through his gully.
He has renovated a former sugar cane plantation including the old stables, which he converted into his house.
I'll let the remaining photos do the talking. Did you know that the pointsettia you got at Christmas, can grow into a huge plant?

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