Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Leaving for Barbados

We are having a very unusual weather pattern at the moment so that all that white snowy stuff that has chilled the US has meant northerly winds here in the Caribbean. The effect of this is to allow sailing east to Barbados which usually never sees cruisers except those coming across the Atlantic and passing through. Well even though there's a bunch of islands that I have yet to see here, I thought that I would take advantage of these northerlies and get my upwind sailing out of the way in one foul 3 day swoop.
Now if I get tired of sailing there are plenty of islands that I could stop off at or if the wind changes back to the east, I can always keep going to Grenada. You can track my voyage at
And I will try to keep my blog going while at sea.
I plan on buddy boating with s/v Crackertail as far as Martinique.

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