Friday, January 13, 2017

Between Dominica and Martinique

The wind died last night so I slept most of it in the channel between the two islands. There is a one knot current going west and with what little wind I could muster up to push me east, I was zig zagging quite a bit. I was going to go down the west side of Martinique because it is shorter to go that way, but with more favorable winds outside, I decided to divert. I still have another 150 miles to go to get to Barbados, and with these light winds, I may only get there on Sunday. Meanwhile, I am enjoying a beautiful sunrise, with the full moon 180 degrees to the west. The scenery is spectacular where I am at with the soaring cliffs on either side of me of the islands, the blue sky with puff ball clouds on the horizon and the deep dark blue sea rising and falling in slow motion. Stunning!

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