Sunday, January 15, 2017

Row into beach

There was quite a strong wifi signal at my boat from "Pirate Bay" so I decided to row into shore to try and get the password from the bar playing loud music with the same name. I successfully landed my dinghy on the sandy beach just as the sun was setting and I pulled it up way above high tide mark. There were hundreds of black teenage kids on the beach but it felt safe so I left it without locking it and hoped for the best. I went to the bar and ordered a burger, beer and asked for the password which I got. They accepted my $20 US bill and gave me a $20 Barbados bill in change. My dinghy was all ok on my return and here was where all the excitement started. Now I am not exactly a stranger to beaches, surf and sand and I watched carefully the motion of the very small waves crashing on the beach. Timing is everything so I launched the dinghy and proceeded to lose a flip flop, get dunked underneath my dinghy, swallow a mouthful of seawater and get a handful of sand in each of my pockets. Don't ask me how I did this in the surf but I can report that ziplock bags work successfully at keeping water out of smartphones and that I managed to retrieve my flip flop after 10 minutes of hunting in the dark.
Bottom line is that I now have wifi at my boat and so I proceeded to upload a video of the sail over here from Martinique.

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