Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to hide your valuables while traveling

I use some techniques to hide my passport, credit cards and cash when visiting some places when I travel. These items can allow you to visit risky places without the fear of losing your important valuables. Most tourists spots are Okay but there are some places that you may be unsure about like here in St Lucia, where you have the potential to be held up at gunpoint or perhaps pickpocketed. You want to look like you are not carrying anything and not be a target.
If you do nothing else, you should at least have a passport holder that hangs around your neck that can also hold your credit cards.
A belt that allows you to store folded paper money is a good way of carrying a lot of cash.
Leather wrist and ankle bracelets can easily be hidden underneath socks or long sleeve shirts and at the same time will allow fairly convenient access to your cash.

NEVER enter passwords when using public WiFi networks. It is too easy to download software to see the keyboard clicks of others on the same network. Make sure that you have different passwords for every different website you login on and don't use part of your email address for the password.

I'm off today to catch another minibus, this time to Soufriere.


  1. Great pics and blog. You can go to Pitons by boat with help of boat boys to anchor. Reply if you need more info on the technique. The boat boys will be your personal concierge while there. They have everything you can want from family farms. St Lucia was one of the first islands to encourage homesteading and home ownership. A trip through the banana plantations is impressive. To the volcano and mud pits not so much. You can take a guided trip up the Pitons to a resort on the top. Have fun.

  2. Thanks so much Walt. I walked through a plantation yesterday that was unbelievable. Fruit trees everywhere. The reason why I chose this place to stay was for security. My boat slip is outside the police station here in Marigot Bay and it feels safe. There have been a lot of cases of boats at anchor or on moorings being broken into especially in Soufriere near the Pitons so that is why I am here. I thought about seeing the sulphur Springs but I am more an action person and I was warned that they were a tourist trap. Am having too much fun here and need some R & R beside the pool for a wee bit before looking around some more. Cheers

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