Friday, January 20, 2017

Ten good and not so great products

I was sitting in my cockpit, sipping my cup of morning Joe when I cast my eyes on my Luci light next to my solar vent and realized that there are a lot of marine products that don't last in the salty air. Many shiny products when new, just don't make it in the harsh environment. So here they go in no particular order or relationship whatsoever.
After a year, my Luci light is toast whereas my micro solar vent works great and is as good as new.
Bungy cords don't last in the sun and my Spyderco knife is as sharp as the day I bought it.
Solar garden lights are fickle and my ProMariner binoculars are awesome.
Love my airius gloves. Even though they are biking gloves, they are great for sailing. On a different note, the chair is very comfortable, but do you think that they could use decent fabric that doesn't fade or fall apart on something designed for the outdoors?
Love my Bushnell 1700 lumins flashlight $60 from wally world but don't waste your time on an off clipon for mosquitoes.
My inexpensive inverter from Walmart has run constantly for a couple of years but the one I got from West Marine only lasted a few months. It's replacement above faired little better.
My Jensen 12 volt 17 inch TV sips power, plays my DVD's and picks up broadcast television in remote places like here in Barbados. I am on my 3rd Attwood dinghy light that rusts at the sight of salt water.

My JBL Bluetooth beach speaker has great sound but it is Rusty as all get out. My Inreach satellite device is nothing short of a life saver. Brilliant.

Strata glass and sunbrella fabric lasts out in the sun so why can't they make a throwable pillow that doesn't disintegrate after a year.
Best footwear to the right.
My 2 cents.

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