Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back in St Martin

Well I am back in St Martin after my family visit for the holidays and now I am trying to acclimatize to these lovely warm temperatures again. I have been getting up every morning and running for 40 minutes but yesterday I pulled a calf muscle so I needed an alternative. Coincidentally, my Australian friends Deb and Scott from s/v Expedition, gave me their folding bicycle.
Now when I went Cruising, I made a decision to NOT get a bike but after riding for 3 hours around the island today I kinda liked it. I got lots of exercise and I got to meet Mike at Shrimpies on the French side.
Mike controls the net on VHF10 every morning and runs a laundromat and a yacht service for the boats here at St Martin.
As with everything on a boat, compromises have to be made and storing a bike is not easy. I will try the engine compartment first, then the v-berth and finally topside near the diesel jugs.

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