Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Using buses to get around St Lucia

These are some of the mini buses that are privately owned, that provide the public transportation system around the island. These ones are in Castries, lined up for the 40 minute trip to Vieux Fort. What they do is line up and wait for 14 passengers to get on before they leave.
I must have caught about a dozen of these and so far I have been the only foreigner.  They cost about $2 a trip and what with the hilly terrain, the terrible roads and fast drivers here, you really do take your life in your hands. There are 4 main routes out of the capital Castries.  One north to Gros Islet,  one south on the east coast to Vieux Fort and a couple south on the west coast of the island servicing the towns as far as Soufriere.
They really have been a godsend to me to allow me to look around the island. I have been careful traveling only during the day and carrying a limited amount of cash just in case I do get robbed. So far so good. I could have rented a car or caught taxis everywhere which is what all the other tourists do here but I wanted to see the real St Lucia. I have only 2 other things I want to see here. One is the local rum distillery and the other is Vieux Fort which is quite a way away from here.

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