Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back on the boat again

This time for good! I finished up at work and headed down to the boat on Friday. I wanted to get there before 5 pm to pick up my mail and get a Verizon hotspot. I have come to the conclusion that credit companies do not like you moving. A couple of weeks ago I got a T-mobile device because they were having a sweet deal of 3Gb for $20 per month. They ended up stopping my service when they found out about my new Florida address and gave me all kinds of grief, including insisting on a Social Security Card. Now I got a social security card 24 years ago but I do not know where it is and to get a new one involves taking a day off work. Anyway my thinking was that perhaps if I got a Verizon device down in Florida, where I plan on being domiciled, the credit companies would be nice to me.......ha! Fat chance of that. I waited in the Verizon store 2 hours and the only reason I figure they finally relented and approved it was that it was closing time! Anyway I am up and running and hopefully I will be able to post this blog daily for as long as I am in the USA.
The boat was dry as a bone but it came down in buckets during the night and all my belongings on the trailer got a little wet.
I didn't think that everything would fit inside the boat but it did with ease although it took me most of the day to empty the trailer. I am done with it now so I put an advertisement up to sell it in the marina. If I don't get any bites I will try Craigslist. They have a fairly active notice board here at the marina and right now there is a Honda 1000 generator going for $600 that I am considering.
First things first.
Filling up the water tanks was a must so that I could have that essential cup of tea.
Also high on the to do list was mounting some picture frames.
Adding a digital clock/barometer was important so I can tell if any bad weather is on the way
Somebody told me that these types of barometers do not work if you move them around, Don't know why they would but we shall soon find out.
I had some pillows made by Dorothy at CanAm Canvas that turned out really nice.
Finally, not having eaten all day, I was famished and headed up to Wally World for sustenance.
A V8 and a Garbanzo bean salad with an avocado, snap peas, and grape tomatoes followed by blueberries and yogurt. After all that I need to walk it off. Actually with all the rain we had last night, it cooled the temperatures down quite a bit so I could have actually walked today during the day. It still got over 90 degrees which is uncomfortable especially if you are trying to sleep without AC. I have an AC unit but it takes up too much room and so I need to get rid of it.

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