Thursday, June 5, 2014


Yesterday was my last day of paid employment so tomorrow I will be heading down to the boat to live on her full time. I will have to load up my trailer with all the sails stored in my basement, do some more runs to goodwill and some house cleaning but other than that you can put a fork in  my life as a landlubber. Really and truly, the actual notion of retirement is a little dated in the 21st century so they should rename it to "rejourney" or "earned rewirement" or some other new word. I guess the new word really depends on what you decide to do when turning that age corner. On one hand I am determined to get down to the boat and get going but who is pushing me? I need  to do this next phase carefully because mistakes can be hard to rectify. One thing I need to do is keep up with my daily workout regiment. It would be easy to let it slide but from past experience I know that it is hard to come back from lack of muscle use. So I will go swimming this morning and  as an  added bonus, update the skill I plan on using while snorkeling in exotic locations.


  1. Welcome to "Rewirement". I like that word. You'll love it . Hope to see you and Onapua at the October rendezvous.


  2. Peter FREE man at last I hope retirement will be rewarding as you anticipated
    the boat is coming along great keep blogging

  3. Thanks Moshe. Retirement is brilliant but this boat thing is even better. I can't wait to get out on the water.


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