Monday, June 9, 2014

Mosquito heaven

Mosquito's are terrible. They are the bane of my life right now and this place is perfect for them. Rain every afternoon and hot as Hades otherwise. The first 2 nights here I gave up fighting them after a couple of hours and resorted to sleeping in the car. Last night I was determined to sleep all night on the boat and boy what a mistake that was. I started out spraying fly spray all around as soon as it got dark but all that did was give me a headache. I fell asleep thinking that those blighters wouldn't mess with Raid but woke up an hour later with bites all over my left hand. That cheeky thing even came back for seconds while I was stumbling around looking for Caladryl but one slap got him and my borrowed blood splattered across my palm. My war of attrition carried on like that for another couple of hours before I fell asleep exhausted from fighting them. Actually this is good practice for me when I have to go sailing and have to cope with sleeplessness so not all was lost.
In the morning I installed a couple of new whisker stays from Bud Taplin but when it came to the bobstay, it was 4" too short.
I contacted him and he will send me a tang next week that will fix the problem. I then took a crack at mounting my new monitor windvane. I got as far as putting it onto a platform ready to mount on the boomkin.
However at that point I read the instructions that said that I should wait for the boat to be in the water to mount it. Something about one of the crucial settings being where the waterline is. At that point I gave up and headed into town to establish residency in Florida, change my tag, register to vote and get a new driver's licence. Two hours later and $500 poorer I was back home. Talk about efficient. I was most impressed.
Next I tested the seacocks by filling them with water while closed and found one that leaked.
It's neighbor also looked a bit suspicious so it warrented a lookee see.
Turned out that the bronze connector was split.
I gave the cupboard a coat of paint and while it was drying, I headed to the store and bought these items.
I have seen sailors here at the marina preparing their keels for painting using a drywall screen so I thought I might try my hand at it. As well I got some Sunbrella for Dorothy to make some new sun covers for me.
Finally it is broccoli, carrots, beans, grape tomatoes followed by yogurt and blueberries.
PS did I mention that I hate mosquitoes?


  1. We have this great product called Aerogard tropical strength insect repellant roll-on.

  2. I never thought about a roll on - that is quite a good idea. I will keep an eye out for it.


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