Thursday, June 12, 2014

The invasion continues

Yesterday is was a poisonous frog and a recluse spider, the day before a gigantic alligator, today it was a ....
bloody cockroach. Don't know where it came from, and I have been careful not to bring any cardboard onboard. I will have to have to get some gel bait to squeeze into the many nooks and hard to reach crannies.
I finished off the dinghy rub rail first off.
Ok I know it looks a bit nasty, but it is only for the short term and at least no one will steal it.
I had to put my name on it and while I had the vinyl numbers out, I updated the registered numbers on the bow of the boat. Lower old ones yet to be removed.
It actually rained most of the day and while I was not sanding, I was trying not to get too wet.
My new rub rail arrived this afternoon.
There was no rub rail on the boat when I bought it and I did look around for a new teak rub rail but in the end settled on a rubber one. I started filling the dozens of holes from where the old rub rail was with butyl tape.
Dinner tonight was a avocado salad, tomatoes, northern beans and blackberry yogurt chaser.


  1. Don't the little creatures just love all the comforts of home you have installed. They think you have installed them for them.

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  3. Where did you get the rubrail and what size did you get?


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