Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hot in Florida

OK I know it is early summer yet, but phew it is tough acclimatizing to this place. It was way too hot to work outside this morning so I resorted to painting inside cupboards.
OK so I didn't use Bilgekote so don't shoot me. I can't stand the smell of that stuff so I just used a water based primer that dries in 30 minutes. If I have to repaint it in a few years so be it. As you can see I laid down a layer of easyliner on the base. By the way I have learnt to look after my knees while painting.
It isn't only sports injuries that cause the cartilage to go bad so I need to be religious about wearing these things so I can still be active on my feet.
My propane supply has been playing up for the last couple of days. I didn't have a problem in the morning so I suspected the heat of the day was messing with the regulator. I kept swapping out parts until I found the culprit.
The pressure gauge is a key safety device so fortunately I had a spare to swap out and isolate the problem.
I bought some second hand items today that I hope I never have to use.
One is a alternator that I will use as a spare and the other is a Honda generator, just in case I get stuck with a flat battery. There is no gas (petrol) in either the generator or the red plastic tank so I feel safe at the moment carrying them and storing them on the boat. I figure at some stage I will be forced to get an outboard so I will deal with the gas storage issue when that happens. right now I have found a home for the generator in my engine room.
That oil changing device in the center is great but such a pain to store. The fire extinguisher to the far left is Halon which they do not sell anymore because it destroys the ozone layer.
One last thing I did today was to mount my battery charger on the right side above the engine..
It is easy to access behind the stairs and I control which battery it charges using the battery selector switch. I hope it does not get too hot when the engine has been running a while otherwise it may cause problems with it. I have got a vent in the cockpit to air out the engine bay and  but I will have to monitor the temperature closely. I will have to rethink my wiring when I get my solar panel shortly. I have decided on a Kyocera 220 watt panel mounted on the lifelines but it may very well be a work in progress. I plan on also getting a Standard Horizon VHS and all that remains is for me to find who will give me the best price.
Finally dinner is broccoli, carrots, corn, avocado concoction and fruit. The knife I am holding is ceramic and it is sharp as all get out. So no more rusty blades on-board.

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