Saturday, June 14, 2014

Drilling holes in your boat

The very thought gives me the willies. The thing is, a previous owner ran a cable from the main chainplates on either side of the boat to the dynaplate. Now I consider that a bad practice. If lightning hits the boat, it could punch a hole in the boat at the dynaplate and sink it. Instead I bought 2 half inch bronze bolts to put through the hull on either side. That way if lightning does hit the mast, it will be a straight shot down through to the water through these bronze bolts. That's the theory of it anyway.
Here is the first one.

How is it that whenever you start one project, another one shows up? I don't know where this burnt wood came from if it is that, but it is a mess.
I am using a fiberglass backing plate and will secure the red cable to the hole at the back of the bolt.
Here is the outside of the hull with the dynaplate just below on the port side. I still have to finish the job off tomorrow including cutting off about half an inch of bolt.
Today is Friday, so it must be cleanup day and beard/hair cutting day.
I spent most of the day installing the rubrail kit.
It is 7/8" wide and 70' long and has a black rubber hose that fits in the middle insert. I am considering replacing this rubber hose with jute rope to give it that "old boat" look but I do not know how long it would last. I bought it off ebay for about $400 and it takes a lot longer to install than you would think. Think boa constrictor wrestling.


  1. Happy birthday, Peter. Have a great day when the 16th eventually catches up with you.

  2. Thanks Pam. I am celebrating my birthday by going sailing. A couple here at the Marina are heading up to New York tomorrow so I am hitching a ride with them for the first little bit.

  3. Choice. Have a good trip. For the first little bit? Will you go further?

  4. damn - I forgot it was your birthday! Hope you had a good one :-) rx

  5. I had a great one - went out on the water all day....lot's of fun thanks


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