Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting ready to splash

Just one photo today and that is putting masking tape on the hull getting ready to put bottom paint on her tomorrow. You are supposed to only paint bottom paint on the hull just before you put the boat in the water and I have booked Saturday at 1pm to splash her.
A couple of days ago we got some really violent winds here and a ladder blew over on to my car and smashed the front windshield. So this morning I had a new windshield fitted.
I may not have time to post a blog entry tomorrow because I am heading south to Miami to pick up some solar panels. I actually ordered them last week from Northern Arizona Sun and Wind but one of their sales staff nonchalantly called me late yesterday to say that they could put it on a truck for delivery next week. Needless to say I was not happy and cancelled the order. Calling around here in Florida, there were not a lot of options so I am heading down to Sun Electronics because I have have heard good things about them and their prices are unbelievable.


  1. What color are you painting her?! Can't wait to see pictures of the new paint job! :)

  2. I painted her bottom Blue. It actually turned out quite nicely despite the fact that now there are 3 colors on her. Mind you when she is in the water all you will probably see is the green sunbrella around the sails and the brown stripe.


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