Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dress up day

I never really intended to start the day doing what I did. I had a list and on it was painting and epoxy. It just didn't feel like a get down and grubby kind of day. So instead I focused on putting up all the outside sunbrella canvas; dodger, bimini, main sail, genoa and staysail with their sailbags. The sunbrella is a little old but it has got a few more useful years left in it. I started out with the dodger.
I put loctite on all the fittings because I found that they would occasionally work loose.
Next I put up the main sail on the boom, then it's sail cover.
If you don't have one of these you can kiss your sails goodbye in this Florida sun.
And here is one of those project creep moments when I was digging my sails out of the sail locker. Eeeeek!
It took me a good hour to vacuum and pick out all the rubbish from down there. Another paint job for when I get time.
Next was the Genoa. I have about 6 to choose from but I selected a large light black and yellow nylon sail that is almost like a drifter, but it does have hanks on it.
And the "seagrass green" sunbrella sailbag that the genoa is swimming in and tied down because of the approaching storm.
At this stage, the weather deteriorated and started raining so I called it a day and went shopping.
To the left/back is a battery powered motion detector alarm that I plan to mount in the cockpit, and to the right is my new depth sounder. My old one just gave the depth, but this one is a fish finder that also shows you the bottom contour.

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