Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My credit card has melted

Had a few expensive items come in today, but before I got to that I did some rearranging.
I needed a place to put my mooring lines, snubber, throw rope, dinghy anchor and bits and pieces and they fit perfectly in this plastic container in the cockpit.
In preparation for my solar panel, I had my welder place some stainless nuts inside the pipe. These 2 stainless pipes fit inside each other and the bolts will go through my stanchions.
Johnny continued templating the cap rail, this time on the bow.
I mounted the fish finder. It looks terrible so I will have to finish it with some kind of backing plate.
I finally found an out of the way spot for my whisker pole that doesn't trip me up every time I turn around.
One gallon of bottom paint - $260
One waterproof radio and speakers $200
One 46lb Manson Supreme anchor - $500
Two Trojan T105 six volt batteries weighing 62lbs each - $270
One heart attack with a hernia on the side - priceless
Not very much room for the 2 new batteries. I don't know how the cruisers with four of these get on.
Installing the Sony took a little while longer. I finally got a chance to use my new jigsaw and it made short work out of the fiberglass.
Now which wire goes where?
Success! I still have to feed the VHF output into the auxiliary input but I can do that tomorrow.
The new stereo sounds REALLY good.

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