Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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I took a day off yesterday and went sailing. Tina and Greg from Southern Cross, a Pearson 365, kindly took me down the river.
It was a spectacular day and I got to see Jacksonville from the waters edge. I took a bunch of videos that I will include in Friday's video.
Today it was back to the grind! I did finish off my rub-rail installation and also the lightening mitigation system.
So now I have two half inch bronze bolts through the hull that are connected to the chain plates with AWG 4 cable either side up the side stays to the mast so hopefully if I get hit by lightening, it will not sink the boat.
Dorothy from CanAm Canvas did finish off two lee cloths that I had her make up so if the water is too rough, I will not fall out of my bunk.
This is the top berth. I need to work on tying them up a bit better.
Here is the lower starboard berth.
In the mail today I received a 150 amp fuse for the starter battery. When starting the engine, I kept blowing 60 amp fuses and yet I need to fuse the positive terminal. Lets hope that this one doesn't blow too.
I discovered MORE uninvited guests to my cosy home.....a mud dauber nest under the dining room table.
Also I got my new VHF delivered.
There is a bunch of bureaucracy that I have to attend to before I use it so right now I am waiting for some government employee to approve my application for an FCC license.
And finally, coleslaw, avocado, northern beans and raspberries with yogurt for dinner.

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