Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Project Creep

It took me most of the day to lubricate all my seacocks. Here is one closed so that there should be no water getting past it.
The idea is that when you close the seacock you can stick lubricant up inside it like so...
Note the big chunk of seashell that I dug out of it. OK the problem was that when I came to do the seacock for the head I noticed this.
Eeeeeek! No not all that dirt, grime and mildew.......that big puddle of water. So looking above I noticed that the hose leading up to the deck was all loose.
So first I cleaned up as best I could. It really needs a paint, but that can wait.
Next I epoxied the hose to the deck.
I actually tried disconnecting the hose to test the seacock but I couldn't get it apart so I ended up filling my holding tank with water to do the leak test.
As you can see, even though the seacock is closed, there is quite a flow of water. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
I bought a zinc anode to go on the bobstay. I had to trim it to fit.
I bought a beefy 5 lb fire extinguisher for the galley.
Next I attacked the stuffing box. There are 2 nuts here that are supposed to come apart and for the life of me I could not do it. Here am I spraying it with PB Blaster to see if that can help.

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