Monday, June 23, 2014

This and that

Just a bunch of different projects today. I did finish of putting up the staysail  and sail cover with the club foot that I didn't complete yesterday because of all the rain.
While I was finding all the parts for the staysail sheet traveler, I decided to sort all the spare running rigging out.
Johnny spent most of the day on the boat templating the stern caprail.
He will be back tomorrow to do the bow which also needs the caprail replaced. Afterwards they will machine cut the mahogany and I will install it.
I took out my old depth sounder and worked on wiring up the new fish finder. It is supposed to have a one amp fuse but the lowest my kit would go was 3 amps.
Because the boat is out of the water, I will wait to finish the installation later after I splash.
Because the transducer is inside the hull, I will have to mount it in a medium that excludes any air.
I did try and start the engine today and again the old battery would not turn it over, so I have ordered a pair of 6 volts Trojan T105's.
Another week and I hope to be in the water.


  1. Looking good peter - you've got so much ahead too, but at least you can look back and see the great work that's been done.

  2. That's the plan anyway. Sometimes I look back on the blog to check that I have done something. It is quite useful as a record.
    One day lets go sailing together.
    Cheers mate!


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