Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ribbit or more like croak

I have a frog living on my boat.........somewhere .....not quite sure where because every time I get up to try and find him, he stops making this loud noise. When I first heard it I thought it was a duck outside but I knew that had to be impossible. This is Florida you know. He makes a noise only occasionally and by the sound of the croak, I am assuming that it is a bullfrog. If he knew anything about me he would soon realize that there is room for only one male on board this ship. I really don't want him around, even though he is not doing any harm. What if I had William and Kate over for tea? In the middle of a biscuit that noise could be very embarrassing. Anyway I haven't the faintest idea of how to manage this problem. Life or death issues....no sweat. But this????? Who knows.
I woke and got going before the heat of the day and god forbid, even before downing my cup of Joe.
I attacked the hull with my drywall screen and it worked like a charm. Easy peasey.
AFTER. All those barnacles and slime just fell away.
I next tried adding the new hose for the sink in the head, and immediately ran into a problem.
The nut at the base of the drain hole broke so I had to get a replacement. I did however have more luck installing the sea water hose for the head. Here am I testing it to see how water tight it is while closed.
That is my coffee maker pulling double duty. (Everything on the boat has to have a dual purpose.) The seacock did actually exhibit a slow leak, but I have ordered some lanolin to lubricate all of them that should fix it.
The mosquitoes hit me pretty hard again last night causing me to AGAIN sleep in the car so I dragged out the AC and hooked it up. Here I am grinning from ear to ear with the prospect of a reasonable night's sleep.
As well I added some grommets to some sun shade.
So I could mitigate the effects of the hot sun by using bungy cords and hanging the sunshade up.
By the way I bought two high tech fabric shirts to test out. Because of sweat, T-shirts last no time in this heat and I have to be civilized and wear something. I hunted for something to wear for a long time and even tried Wally World but these were the only contenders that I found to be reasonable. I tried buying online but I couldn't really find anything I liked and anyway, when I went to REI and tried on different shirts I found that you really have to try the product on to see if it fits. One was from REI for $40 and the other was from West Marine made by Columbia for $48. (Ouch I know......buying a shirt for this much goes against my grain too especially when you can buy regular business shirts from Goodwill for $5.)
The Columbia one only comes in light colors so it shows the dirt a lot more. The fabric is a lot lighter than the REI one and felt more comfortable to wear in the heat but the show stopper for me was the odor issue. The REI one has odor control and even though it smelled a little bit, it was nothing like the Columbia one. So I will be visiting REI again in the near future.
So anyway where was I? I skipped my nap today because the boat was so much cooler and it didn't drain all the energy out of me like it usually does in the afternoon. I did my usual Home Depot run and of course you can't just buy a nut for the sink base, you have to buy the whole drain. The only one that was 1.75" was a special "bar" drain with a little basket that fits in the drain. Anyway, once assembled it passed the leak test as you can see.
If you remember, I started out doing that simple leak test 2 days ago and look at all the tasks that I had to accomplish to get to this point. Here is the under sink photo with the new hose and drain.
Much as I would like to complain, this is a lot easier than being stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to find the right parts to fix a problem, so I am better off doing each job properly.
Finally, my California mix with avocado, tomatoes and blueberry yogurt for dinner.

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