Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alligator River to Elizabeth City

Up at the crack of dawn as usual.
Does one ever get tired of witnessing the birth of a day?
I enjoyed a beautiful non-eventful day, sailing with "Rode Trip," over the Albemarle Sound.
They used a super Yankee and cruised at 6 knots, reaching in a 15 knot breeze.
I just used a staysail, plodding along with my main sail and the best I saw all day was 5.9 knots.
I couldn't help notice this gigantic building coming up the sound.
I looked it up on the internet, and it belongs to TCOM, a maker of airborne persistent surveillance equipment and they have a giant blimp on their website, so I guess they make zeppelins.
As you enter Elizabeth City harbor, "eyes left" at Cobb Point and I bet they sure have a nice view of the boat traffic. It was originally a fort here, built in 1861 called Fort Cobb. A developer bulldozed the fort in the early 1960s and Dr. Thomas Horsley’s house now stands on the site of the former fort.
And here she is........Elizabeth City, dressed to a t and ready to rock and roll.......

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