Saturday, August 30, 2014

Elizabeth City........... Harbor of Hospitality

The residents here really go out of their way for visitors and everything you need is very close to downtown. There is the Museum of the Albermarle.
 It features the history of the region, a US Coast Guard exhibit and a Civil war section.
Some beautiful homes downtown, show the pride her residents feel.
This "Southern Colonial' beauty on Main Street, built in 1914 as a wedding present for Ivy Blades from her father as she married Charles Robinson and is still in the family today.
There is a super art gallery featuring local artist's work also on Main Street, in an old 1897 Opera House, housing  "Arts of the Albermarle."
Speaking of art, I was inspired by Rode Trip showing me how to jazz up my dock lines. Thank you Stephanie!
And here is my Westsail, one of just 2 boats in the heart of downtown.
Come and visit!


  1. Not ever having had the need...I'd never stopped to look at the ragged nature of the eastern coast and the multitude of significant sounds, waterways, inlets, bays etc, Albermarle Sound, then north. Could keep you going for weeks and months - maybe that's the plan! Although I can't see how you'd be able to get up to, say Virginia Beach/Norfolk without having to go back down and around...

  2. This place is amazing! I have leaned how much I do not know. I thought South Carolina was off the beaten path but it tuns out North Carolina is even more so. The lady in the Visitors centre was just telling me about Lake Mattamuskeet, which I had never heard about. It is south of here and huge! I can see that this place deserves a revisit. As far as going north, I am going to take advantage of the Great Dismal Swamp which is a short cut and will save me from going around the outside.. Cheers


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