Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oriental to Belhaven

Had a delightful trip up yesterday on the Neuse, Bay, Pamlico and Pungo rivers. Here is a map showing the blue line of my journey up the US East Coast from Morehead City, then onto New Bern, Oriental and here at Belhaven, all in North Carolina.
Woke at 5am and was on my way at first light with a cup of tea from June in a great little coffee shop over the road from the town dock.
Plenty of these barges carrying phosphate being pushed by tugs on my journey.
Fishing for trout and red drum along the dock where I tied up in Bellhaven.
Dock had lots of bird poop on it but the birds stayed away from me fortunately.
I was not happy with the location of the boat just in case we got a few of those bad thunderstorms like the kind I experienced in New Bern, so I spent a hot sweaty hour re-positioning her to face the wind better.
Seeing the hurricane forecast this morning for 96L does not bode well for next week. I have decided to take the dismal swamp route to Norfolk and may stay parked here if things deteriorate.
I decided to be civilized and use a plate. The Food Lion here had Grapefruit! Wahooooooo!

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