Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beaufort, North Carolina

This place is similar to the twin cities of  Minneapolis and Saint Paul, except it is Beaufort and Morehead City separated by a bridge. Yesterday I had a good look around Morehead City and today, Don kindly volunteered to take me over the bridge to Beaufort, a distance of 3.5 miles.
Talk about beautiful old homes! Many 200 year old homes like this one, dominated the area.
But this place is what makes it stand out from everywhere else.
This is where they build beautiful wooden boats like these.
They also have a very popular section where you can build a boat in a day.
The dad and daughter closest had been building their glue and stitch Lookout skiff for 90 minutes and each year they have a competition where entrants have to build a skiff and sail it around an island.
They also have a maritime museum across the road.
Lots of diving, fishing, boating and war memorabilia on show.
Back home to boat chores where I again took a look at my honda generator. When I bought it, I had no problem with it and ran it empty so I could safely store it in my engine compartment. When I was in Wrightsville Beach I started it and it leaked fuel through the overflow tube. Yesterday I emptied the carburetor bowl and it ran fine for 20 minutes but then started leaking again. See the blocked hole in the photo.
So today I cleaned all the ethanol which had formed a layer around the overflow valve.
I again ran it for 20 minutes and this time it didn't leak. Fortunately I found a place here that sold ethanol free gas so now I should be good for a while.

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