Sunday, August 10, 2014

Holden Beach to Wrightsville Beach

This place is definitely party central. Last night there was music, sirens, traffic and people noise along the banks where I am anchored until late in the evening.

I left Holden Beach Saturday morning at the crack of dawn. I never saw anyone at the marina so I left without paying. I may have to stop back in there on my way south.
Sunrise was a real cracker, but it is starting to get ho hum.
Cruising definitely sucks when it pours with rain from behind the boat so that the bimini doesn't help you a scrap and you end up by being drenched as it was when I went through Southport at Cape Fear.
The trouble was, it was raining so hard that I couldn't see which way was which and so I had to stand outside in the pouring rain so that I didn't get mowed down by the odd car ferry or ocean liner.
Fortunately it wasn't too cold. The rest of the day was filled with views of vaction homes along the ICW. Take a look at this beaut.
When I arrived at Wrightsville Beach, I anchored next to another Westsail 32.
Rachael and James were on their way from Texas up to the Chesapeake. They left first thing Sunday morning, but it was good to talk to them to compare notes about how these boats behave. Here is Onapua, tucked away at anchor here.
Chance to boil up some grub with the cooler weather.

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