Monday, August 18, 2014

New Bern

Middle America, backbone of the country, regular folk, and my favourite place so far.
All around my boat, even in the dead of the night, there are people crabbing.
They catch blue crabs with raw chicken drumsticks tied to a piece of string.
New Bern does have a rich history especially with the Tryone Palace built in 1770.
After the native Americans, the British moved in and used it, along with succeeding State Governors as the seat of power in the region. Lovely, 80 year old Marty gave us a wonderful tour of the Palace.

The original building burnt to the ground but was rebuilt in 1952. This building is the only original building remaining, housing the horses.
Beautiful old homes surround the Palace including this one that is a converted church.
There is also a museum next to the Palace where you can see memorabilia from across the centuries.
The town boasts the birthplace of Pepsi, but try as I might, I could not find one place in town that stocked the regular old hum drum stuff. Plenty of diet, cherry and other brands sold by them.
I headed to the local hospital cafeteria, for a vegetable plate with cornbread and tea.
Delicious and with no salt but a liberal coating of oil on all the vegetables.


  1. Hi Peter - are you (mostly) vegetarian? I was wondering if you went crabbing too, or have been fishing off the boat. I am considering a boat-friendly cooking blog, with meals that are easy to prepare with or without an on board oven, and recipes that use minimal ingredients to get loads of flavour for when you're at sea and don't have the wide range of fresh ingredients. I have a great chickpea curry with cous cous, as well as a zucchini slice that is very tasty!

  2. Gosh the sound of that chickpea curry is making me hungry. Actually I thought I would cook a lot on board but it is way too hot so I never do and that is why you see me with salads all the time. I have no refrigerator and choose not to fish because of the fact that I have enough things to do, manhandling this boat as it is. Perhaps when I get used to her I will trail a line behind her while sailing and see what success I have.


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