Sunday, August 24, 2014

Belhaven, North Carolina

This place is a small waterfront town, population just 2000 with a main street and one traffic light.
The building above used to be City Hall when it was a bustling rail and lumber town, but now it houses a fascinating collection of unique things given to a local collector by the name of Mary Eva Blount Way.
Friends of hers used to donate artifacts to her like this German machine gun and old farm implements.
The town is also renowned for the magnificent, early 1900 River Forest Manor that was an inn and restaurant but in recent years has fallen on hard times and is for sale at just $1,900,000.
In it's heyday, it used to have famous guests like James Cagney, Roy Clark, Burl Ives, Twiggy, Neal Sadaka and Walter Cronkite. It was built by one of the Presidents of Norfolk and Southern Railroad and has 11 fireplaces, leaded cut glass windows, crystal chandaliers and carved ceilings.
 I am hunkering down out of the torrential rain doing this blog and soon to be reading a good book.

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