Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morehead City

This place is a boater's paradise. There are fishing and diving charters for hire for a quarter mile up and down along the waterfront along with the nation's largest dive center. With Atlantic's graveyard just off the coast, there are lots of shipwrecks to dive on including a U2 submarine. Overshadowing all this is the port, with the largest phosphate exporting company from the mines in Aurora.
There is a great little history center, that chronicles all the wars dating back to the revolutionary war, the pirate blackbeard and farming life in the region.
I was surprised to find out that whaling was also a big part of their history.
BTW, I am the only boat in this brand new facility owned by the City.
And last night, right in front of my boat, a great band called "Liquid Pleasure" performed a concert.
Kale for a change.


  1. All good stuff, continuing to vicariously enjoy your adventures. Glad to see you're starting to get comments from others. And to meet the other Westsail 32 couple - would have been fun and probably invaluable. I notice you're getting more adventurous now. Is the continuing plan to go somewhere in particular (e.g. Boston, NY) or to just keep sailing whenever/wherever, with the main intention of learning about Onapua (and thoroughly enjoying yourself while doing so)?

  2. I have a rough plan of going north while the weather is warm and heading back south when it turns. Right now I am just taking it one day at a time so tomorrow I am heading up to New Bern. Am having a ball doing this and don't want to get too adventuresome until I have a bit more experience under my belt.


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